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Risk Assessment Tree Surveys

Legally a tree owner (or the person who has control over the trees) has a duty of care in both civil and criminal law, to take reasonable management measures to avoid foreseeable injury or harm to people and/or property.

The most reasonable and proportionate way to do this is by commissioning a Risk Assessment Tree Survey. Usually conducted on an annual basis, a Risk Assessment Tree Survey focuses on defects on individual trees that could pose a risk to people and/or property.

Here at McNamara Tree Surveys, we take a practical approach to Tree Safety Management, weighing up the risk of defects with their likelihood of impacting people and/or property. What that means in basic terms is that we don’t recommend remedial works for the sake of it or to be overly risk averse.

If a tree in a secluded woodland has a canopy full of deadwood, we won’t ask a tree surgeon to climb the tree and remove the deadwood as the risk it poses to the public is minimal. If however, a tree close to a busy road is in a state of physiological decline, we may recommend its removal to protect the safety of the public.

It is this commensurate approach to Risk Assessment Tree Surveys that differentiates us from our competitors. It is also an approach that allows our clients to maximise their budgets effectively whilst prolonging the lifespan of their trees.  

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John McNamara

Principal Arboriculturist

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