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Health and Condition Tree Surveys

Not every tree owner has large trees that could pose a risk to people and/or property. Many of us instead have smaller, ornamental trees in our gardens that we can relax underneath in a summer haze or admire as they gather snow in the winter.

At McNamara Tree Surveys we provide Health and Condition Reports on individual and small groups of trees in residential settings. As part of our Tree Survey we will inspect the tree(s) for signs of ill-health and defects that could reduce its lifespan.

If defects are observed, our expert Tree Surveyor will provide guidance on remedial works in your accompanying Tree Report. In the rare cases where trees cannot be saved, our Surveyor will recommend suitable replacements along with a guide on planting and aftercare.

For a no obligation Health & Condition Tree Survey Quote

Email or call us on 07376 226 294

John McNamara

Principal Arboriculturist

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