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Tree Surveys in Support of Planning Applications (BS 5837 Tree Surveys)

Every planning application submitted to a council in Northern Ireland that may affect trees requires a Tree Survey and an accompanying report that considers the potential impact of the proposed development on the trees.

The report, sometimes referred to as a ‘BS 5837 Tree Survey’ is named as such because it must be carried out in accordance with British Standard 5837: 2012 ‘ Trees in Relation to Design, Demolition and Construction – Recommendations’ (along with any forthcoming planning policy or legal amendments).

McNamara Tree Surveys provide thorough, expert and well detailed reports known as Arboricultural Impact Assessments. These planning specific Tree Survey reports have been designed to satisfy the requirements of all NI councils.

Supported by professional CAD drawings, McNamara Tree Surveys Arboricultural Impact Assessment reports will:

  • Maximise the retention opportunities for high amenity trees

  • Provide guidance on the protection of retention trees

  • Justify the removal of trees in poor condition and/or those trees that are in conflict with design proposals

  • Recommend replanting where necessary

  • Greatly improve your chances of successfully gaining Planning Approval

For a no obligation Tree Survey in Support of Planning Application Quote

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John McNamara

Principal Arboriculturist

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