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McNamara Tree Surveys

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Conducting Tree Surveys Throughout NI

Welcome to McNamara Tree Surveys

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McNamara Tree Surveys is the home of expert tree consultancy in Northern Ireland providing the following services:

Tree Surveys in Support of Planning Applications

What? Sometimes referred to as BS 5837 surveys or Arboricultural Impact Assessments, Tree Surveys in support of Planning Applications consider the impact that proposed developments may have on trees.

Why? Councils within Northern Ireland require all planning applications that may impact trees, particularly those protected by Tree Preservation Orders, to be accompanied by an Arboricultural Impact Assessment (Tree Survey).

Risk Assessment Tree Surveys

What? The risk posed by trees to people and property is actually far lower than many people think, but it is not zero. Our risk assessment tree surveys have been specifically designed to examine the health and condition of individual trees and couple that with the risk that the tree may or may not pose to people and property.

Why? All tree owners have a duty of care which means that they must take all reasonable steps to avoid their trees causing injury/damage to people and property. Regular tree surveys not only reduce the chances of the worst happening, but they also provide legal coverage to tree owners.

Our Risk Assessment Tree Surveys are particularly useful to organisations like schools and churches, who have a number of trees within their grounds.

Health and Condition Tree Surveys

What? When we conduct a Health and Condition Tree Survey, we take a scientific approach to analysing the health and condition of your tree. Using the Visual Tree Assessment (VTA) method we will investigate the physiological condition of your tree, looking for indicators of stress and ill-health.

In addition to that we will also carry out a thorough investigation of the tree’s biomechanical structure, looking for areas of weakness or defects from the roots to the tip of the crown that could contribute to the tree’s failure.
Why? Just like us, tree’s succumb to ill-health and develop complications that either impact their quality of life or shorten their lives. That’s why regular Health and Condition Tree Surveys are necessary, to provide a proactive rather than reactive approach to tree management that helps all types of trees to prolong their lives.

Mortgage Report Tree Surveys

What? When you take out a mortgage, your provider may ask for an Arboricultural Inspection to ensure that nearby growing trees are not impacting on the property and pose no risk of future damage. Our Mortgage Report Tree Surveys are detailed and comprehensive and satisfy the criteria of all the major lenders.

Why? Mortgage Report Tree Surveys are an insurance blanket from mortgage providers on their investment. They allay the lenders fear that a tree may damage the property at some point in the future and thus devalue it.

Do I Need a Tree Survey?

If you own a tree, it is likely that you will need a tree survey at some point, whether that be to keep an eye on the health of a tree in your back garden with high sentimental value or for risk assessment purposes.  

If you’re still unsure, get in touch and we can advise as to whether or not a tree survey is necessary.

How Much is a Tree Survey?

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For a no obligation Tree Survey Quote

Email or call us on 07376 226 294

John McNamara

Principal Arboriculturist

Every Tree Survey is different, which is why we like to provide custom quotations that take into account the scope of works and the amount of trees that require surveying. Below is a rough guide to our Tree Survey pricing structure:

Risk Assessment Tree Survey (Less than 20 trees): £395

Mortgage Report Tree Survey (Less than 20 trees): £245

Health and Condition Tree Survey (Less than 20 trees): £295

Tree Survey in Support of Planning Application (BS 5837 Tree Survey) : Price available on request

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