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What is a Mortgage Report and why do you need one?

In the process of buying a new home in Northern Ireland? Read on for everything you need to know about trees and Mortgage Reports.

It’s easy to forget that when we are buying a house, we are borrowing a huge sum of money from the bank to help us complete on our dream home. It’s only natural then that lenders want to ensure that the money they lend is being spent wisely.

As part of that, most lenders will arrange for a Chartered Surveyor to visit the property to find out if the property is worth what you are going to pay for it and to see if there is anything that may jeopardise the value of the property in the future.

If there are trees nearby, your lender may also ask for an Arboricultural Report or Mortgage Report, to assess the risk that those trees may or may not pose to the property.

The subsequent survey will take a note of the health and condition of the tree(s), their proximity to the property, their species, water demand, soil type and many other factors to comprehensively gauge the risk that the tree(s) may pose to people and property and the structural integrity of your potential new home.

Here at McNamara Tree Surveys, we are specialists in Mortgage Reports and have a successful track record of satisfying the criteria of all the major lenders.

Our standard price for a Mortgage Report starts at £195* and includes:

- Thorough analysis of all trees and shrubbery on the property

- Tried and tested methodology for analysing tree risk

- Quick and speedy survey turnaround time to get you one step closer to completion

If you need a Mortgage Report, get in touch with us now on 07376 226 294 or email

*Report cost may be higher for large properties where there are multiple trees to be surveyed. In these instances custom quotations will be provided.

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